Request for Fidelity Index World Fund-P Acc

Investment objective

The Fund’s investment objective is to achieve long term capital growth by closely matching the performance of the MSCI World Index. The ACD will aim to hold securities that represent the MSCI World Index (or in the event of this index ceasing to be compiled such index as the ACD may deem appropriate). In order to manage the cash position of the portfolio, the ACD may utilise stock index futures as allowed by the regulations. Charge: 0.12%

This is an OEIC which is not traded on exchange and thus is not going to be added.

Only things traded on exchanges are supported by freetrade, i.e. Company shares, ETF, Investment Trusts.

Funds are extremely expensive to trade, and are illiquid, because one has to cut a deal with the individual fund provider.

Similar alternative available on freetrade is VWRL ETF - Vanguard All World ETF

Ok, is it something you may look at in future? Vanguard more expensive for the customer.