[Request] Global X -U.S. Infrastructure Development UCITS ETF 🏗 (PAVE)

Please could you add PAVE to Freetrade? I’ve been conducting my own due diligence and think that this fund is unique. I couldn’t find any other ETF that is providing exposure to play the US infrastructure bill like this ETF.

  • The index methodology states that underlying companies need over 50% of revenues need to be made in the US rather than globally.
  • Biden’s plan has underlying tones that it will be directing investment to areas that are more domestically focused to keep jobs and $ within the US, hence why the above is important.
  • PAVE is unique as unlike other infrastructure funds it avoids energy and utilities companies and rather invests in 1) companies involved in the construction and engineering of infrastructure projects; 2) the production of raw materials, composites and products used in building infrastructure projects; 3) producers and distributors of heavy construction equipment; and 4) companies engaged in the transportation of materials use in infrastructure projects.

When I looked at iShares US Infrastructure ETF it has over 40% weighted to utilities vs PAVE which has only 3%!

Anyway, please let me know what you think. Would love for this ETF to be added!


Hi @EKelsall welcome to the forum and great first post! This looks like a really interesting ETF in light of the massive spending bill that was passed in the US this week.

Hopefully this will gain some interest from the ETF crowd. Don’t forget to vote on your own request, the more votes the more likely we are to see it added.

Title updated to include UCITS