[Request] HIVE Blockchain Technologies (HVBTF)

Similar to RIOT, ARB and MARA… HIVE is in it’s early stages of the Blockchain companies.

Just so you know, this isn’t likely anytime soon. :freetrade: don’t currently support either Canadian or OTC Markets listings. The German listing seems more likely to happen, given the European expansion. Still, I don’t imagine it’ll be soon. If you’re eager to get this right now you may wish to look elsewhere.

A quick search would have brought up the below. The request already exists and is unlikely anytime soon, for reasons listed in the link.

I don’t understand how comes what SOS they are much younger and bit controversial company is added and HIVE which is quite hot topic on market is not here? :woman_shrugging:

Can we add HIVE blockchain HVBT it’s Uplisted in NASDAQ now. Pretty please

Hi @Jouk, welcome to the forum :wave:

We’ll check this one out and let you know.

Hi @Freetrade_Team

Any update on this one?

This is on NASDQ OTC, currently FT don’t support OTC listings