Is the new bucket of stocks coming?

If so, any timing indication? Many thanks.

Hi :wave: We’ll be adding a new batch of stocks later this week - look out for a push notification and posts on social and community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Renanta. Awesome! Please add HARP, ORTX, AUTL, QURE, FRLN, SYRS. Asked many many times. Many thanks.

Hi @aia, the Godzilla Batch is very close. :lizard:

I’m afraid we added all the stocks you requested AND we had the option to add for now. We’re looking into ways how to add your requests. Please bear with us.


Thank you, Sir!

Hi Viktor - are more stocks coming any time soon? Tnx.

Hi aia, not this week. We’re working on adding stocks that are harder to add, so expect the batches dropping every couple of weeks.

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Thanks Viktor.

:eyes: :airplane:?


Hopefully biotechnology stocks :slight_smile:

Are there any Nordic ETF’s available to investors in the UK that could be added? really looking to invest in those countries.

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The U.S. stock market has rallied despite the growing number of IPOs.

Hi Viktor. Can add Relay Tx to ISA? It’s non-ISA at the moment.