[Request] Oncotelic Therapeutics Inc (OTLC)

Could you please add
Oncotelic Therapeutics Inc

may I ask why you think this company has particular potential?


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I believe that they could be a future game changer in the treatment of covid. Currently at $0.30 I believe they have the potential to be at $3 within 12 months. But everything is predicting and risk.


We also realised early on that scientists will need rapid prototyping and clinical trial competencies to bring new ideas to market. Therefore, we partnered with Oncotelic, a US-based biotechnology company, to develop an ayurvedic/nutraceutical drug against COVID-19 in India. The product known as ‘PulmoHeal’ is a formulated plant extract of the indigenous plant Artemisia. It is the first herbal drug showing promise against COVID-19 through TGF-ß inhibition and is expected to be effective through the entire infection cycle. Our open-label, randomised, multicentre, placebo-controlled clinical trial is nearing completion and we are observing highly promising and statistically significant impact on patient recovery. Encouraged by the interim data, we are adding additional sites (including AIIMS Delhi) and extending the including criteria to sicker patients. The active component of ‘PulmoHeal’ is a highly pure and special form of artemisinin.



Pulmoheal was OUT OF STOCK on the 26/04/21. If Windlas manufactured the first batch of Pulmoheal with its highest manufacturing scale (i.e., 300 million tablets), that is quite a revenue for Windlas and Oncotelic.

This is an OTC Markets instrument. As :freetrade: doesn’t support these listings, it’ll likely be a long time before it’s added. The European expansion is next up and whatever exchanges will be added next haven’t been announced.

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