[Request] SENX Serinus Energy

Serinus goes into the new year in a strong position being debt free, with low operating costs of $8.96/boe (Q3โ€™20) and production of ~2,500 boe/d, meaning significant positive cashflow which is resilient to commodity price changes #SENX

Now debt free and undertaking workovers. Good mid term investment.

We need it listed quick!!!

We definitely do. I have requested for it hopefully we get it.

How long does it normally take? Itโ€™s moving now

Only just joined this site wtf are all companies not already listed. Senx now 9% up and canโ€™t even buy it on this app itโ€™s only a uK share not like itโ€™s some share on a foreign exchange . Just add all shares

Weโ€™ll add thousands more stocks this year.

Unfortunately, itโ€™s not quite as easy as turning on a switch, there is quite a bit of work that goes on behind the scenes.

Let us know which stocks you want us to add on this form:

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When we can expect that stock goes live on FT?

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