[Request] SoFi weekly dividend - WKLY

Just looking up more dividend stocks and found this as a weekly payer of dividends. Looks like a good opportunity if people can suggest to get this put on the app

Is it available as UCITS? As US etfs cannot be added.

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Weekly dividends, i like the sound of that. Shame it’s not a UK stock though, even if it could be added it would lose 15% on tax.

If it’d be a UK (UCITS) ETF, you wouldn’t pay tax on dividends.
And if it wouldn’t be a ETF but a UK stock, you still wouldn’t pay 15% tax.

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Out of interest, why? To my mind, how often a stocks pays dividends is almost insignificant because the end result is the same. I feel like I must be missing something as there’s such a clamour for monthly, weekly or even daily income nowadays.

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In the long run you would end up with the same money if you left it for a year, but for me to get my payments broken up i can then put those amounts into other dividend payers.

I have not done any maths on it and if i did i would probably put myself off but in my mind it makes sense.

It’s a little like micro managment.

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I can see an argument if you’re using the income. It also allows you to reinvest earlier than otherwise but I’d question whether this would make much difference in the long run.

However, I worry some are focusing on frequency at the expense of other more important factors. For example, I’d much rather a stock that pays out semi-annually over a monthly one, if it has a higher yield, less debt, better cover and a record of growing income – yet I often see people doing the opposite.


I’ve only had as short as monthly with i3 energy, but i didn’t have enough of them to make much of a difference.

Quarterly is my bag. I have 2 at the end of a quarterly cycle and 2 at the beginning. DEC and NESF at the end which pay out before my two at the beginning of the next cycle which are SONGS and FSFL.

While i’m still just building up the two at the beginning the plan is to but into them depending on their yield at the time and of course any news going around. If the winds are right they will pay out before DEC or NESF and then i rinse and repeat.

It’s also helping keep some discipline to keep my dividend and dividend top up money completely seperate from the money i’m throwing into my bottomless stocks. And while it’s building i’m seeing a shift in my habits, psychologically when my non div stocks go down i get sad, but when my div stocks go down below my average then it’s go time.

Also quarterly stocks seem to be holding up quite well in recent times, not sure if that’s the sectors i’m looking at or if investors are more likely to keep them rather than cash out once the ex date has passed.

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