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Want to buy in to this!

Edit to add more info:

The Production Board (https://www.tpb.co), ‘TPB’, is an investor/incubator in the biotech and agritech spaces run by David Friedberg. Their portfolio includes things like Soylent and, most exciting to me, Cana (https://www.cana.com). Cana could be ‘the replicator’ from Star Trek, initially making drinks from mixed molecular addition to water but could move across all nutrition ultimately (think ‘3D printing for foods’). There are several incubators with overlapping focus but TPB’s access to growth capital, and at the sorts of scale needed, through Friedberg’s network and growing reputation in/around the space, make this a horse to bet on - a one-company ETF if you will…

Morning @scropper :wave:

You seem very excited about this which is very cool but you’re going to have to share some of information that has excited you. You’ll need some bites to get demonstrate the demand to the :freetrade: team to consider adding this so show us what you’ve seen and let’s get hyped together!


Done - first post edited. Shout if you want more: could go on for hours about them.


You had me at David Freidberg! My favourite bestie!

I could listen to him talk about bio tech all day, I know almost nothing and always feel smarter after listening to him. An early employee at Google Larry Page offered him “7 figures” to stay but he felt that he wanted to do his own thing.

The queen of quinoa / the sultan of science https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/30/david-friedbergs-alphabet-backed-production-board-raised-300-million.html

Get pumped people let’s get this one added! It’s going in my SIPP to buy and hold and forget about.

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