[Request] Yooma Wellness (YOOM)


Yooma Wellness is an Asian focussed house of brands, focussing on the marketing and distribution of CBD/Hemp wellness products through a network of sales channels in Asia. They have just gone through a reverse merger with Globalive Technology Inc. The valuation of the combined entity is ~$25/30m with cash of ~$5m (17-20% of MCAP) it looks to be a really well capitalized business ready to hit the ground running.

Yooma currently operate an in-house/licence model whereby they take leading household brands in the CBD/Hemp space and build them out in the luxury/mid-market in China, Japan, Taiwan etc through various methods including cross-border e-com in China and on various Alibaba platforms.

They’ve recently signed a licensing agreement with Emmac Life Sciences where Yooma have exclusive rights for the distribution and sale of the Emmac Brands in China, Japan, Taiwan and Australia as well as non-exclusive distribution rights in certain other global markets. This gives them access to leading European brands in the clean skincare/nutraceutical space and will allow Yooma to setup a TMall flagship store.


Okay, so this is where it gets really interesting. The board is a real heavy hitting board, made up with a combination of heavy hitting Cannabis industry professionals (ex-Nuuvera/ex-Aphria) and serial entrepreneurs. The majority of the board are made up of the same team that sold Nuuvera to Aphria for $826m - pretty blown away by the success of this board. It’s not just cannabis they’ve succeed in - they built Fun Technologies (one of the fastest growing companies on the TSX) and sold it for $500m.


I like the look of this business a lot. They are trying to unlock a huge opportunity in the cannabis space (Asia) where if successful, would make Yooma a target for any weed company looking to grow its footprint in Asia/China. They look to be working with some pretty cool brands and unlocking the Asian market for them would be huge.


Wesbite: https://yooma.ca/

CSE Link: Yooma Wellness Inc. | CSE - Canadian Securities Exchange

Would it be possible to get this stock listed?

Freetrade doesn’t currently offer stocks on Canadian exchanges, so it’s unlikely to happen soon. Europe is the next big expansion aim. I’ve no idea if or when the team intends on offering Canadian-listed instruments.

Also on Aquis here but guess FT does not have access to those; not sure if I have seen that on the road map although you can but shares in Aquis itself on FT as an AIM stock