[Request] Zoetic Intl (ZOE)

Maybe this one too!

#ZOE Zoetic raises £387,000 to accelerate US plans…

The funds will be used to accelerate the contract manufacturing of products in the US where it has inked deals with AATAC, which owns convenience stores, and New Age Beverages Corporation, a NASDAQ-listed distributor of health products.

Zoetic chief executive Nick Tulloch said: "I am delighted to welcome John Story as an investor in Zoetic.

“Taking his investment in shares and loan notes together, he is becoming one of our largest stakeholders and, in addition to his financial investment, he has already been willing to assist our business development by introducing us to certain retail stores in the UK.

"With Mr Story’s support, we are able to accelerate the plans we outlined in our trading update last week. We have an exciting opportunity with AATAC and New Age Beverage Corporation to significantly expand our sales of Chill products in the US.

… got to add this to Freetrade!!! :fire: :fire: :fire:

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This is flying right now


Not sure why ZOE is being ignored. They just signed a contract with AATAC which gets their products into over 80000 stores in America and Puerto Rico, yet it’s not here for us to purchase?

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Yep ended up buying it on HL

Watched it run up 300% and it’s not even really began to make real gains on that tiny mcap. There are SPACs not doing anything or profitable for years to come. Here’s ZOE with products in stores … frustrating.

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Hi @Viktor, will this be included within the next batch?


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Would also like to know when this will be added to plus please


Not sure why this company is being ignored either it’s about time it was on freetrade ASAP. Maybe the someone got the answer, needs a push to get on freetrade.

Just putting my ha d up for this CPD company…