Resilient Stocks in a Downturn and why?

I thought it would be interesting to start a new thread where people can put forward the companies they have reviewed that they see as being extremely resilient or even able to thrive in a recession or economic downturn and why. Its easy to get locked into the narrative that every stock is losing money; businesses are under threat and therefore it might be nice to look at the opportunistic side of things!

Stable goods, ‘nuff said. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Valuations still quite rich for JNJ and the like though. I’m struggling with them and Unilever etc

Looks like Redditors are making a spreadsheet:



Nice list, I’ll digest the info later today.

I’m less thinking about companies that have been beaten down and present good opportunities (although I like these too). I’m interested in the ones that actually are performing well in the downturn and are holding their own.

The document seems to capture both types and I might spend some time trying to differentiate between them.

Just buy Berkshire and let Warren and Charlie do the legwork for you.

Great shout, I wonder if they are going to catch the elephant size acquisition they keep talking about

Bring on fractionals then and we will :wink:


I’d say companies like Diageo, reckitt benckiser and that American household cleaning suppliers company starting with a C whose name I forgot on top of my head now

Clorax you mean?

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To be honest. I keep looking at Microsoft, their pivot to cloud computing, skype and online office apps plus subscriptions are pretty resilient even in downturn. And don’t rely on ad revenue which might be hit like google or Facebook. The valuation is high but they probably will quite well with lower volatility


MSFT is high on my buy list. Got £1k and going to double that at least, for the reasons you mentioned. It does feel a bit pricey still, but may be worth it based on their pivot.

Azure is also now a genuine competitor to AWS and by quite a few now seen as better.


If your company already uses all the other business applications that Microsoft offer, why wouldn’t you use azure too

Yes! I can’t find any detergents in my local Tesco anymore!

I’ve been using office 365 last few days. One drive been really helpful especially where there is limited remote access.

Going to press forward and maximise the use of the office 365 apps once back in the office

Workflow looks just need it enabled in the office 365

I went in with United Utilities at £7.56 yesterday.

Commercial water usage may be down somewhat during lockdown, but you’re still going to need water, and there’s no threat of nationalisation.

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Yes! I’m in them too and national grid! National grid don’t sell electricity and just look after network so still make money even when consumption down.