Restricted Documents - Pitch Deck?

The crowdfunding page showed the Pitch Deck as a request-able document on initial load, which I managed to request. However, the crowdfunding page is now showing the Pitch Deck is no longer part of the campaign.






Thanks, we’re looking into this & we’ll restore the pitch deck as soon as possible.


If you intend to approve all requests for these documents from prospective investors anyway, is there a reason these have to be restricted now? Once the round is public, could you just post them here?

It would potentially save you a lot of trouble manually approving requests on crowdcube, reduce load on the CC servers, and make the process feel a lot fairer. I’m trying to stay off crowdcube now so that it doesn’t keep breaking for others but would like to see them at some stage.

I’m afraid we can’t post the deck here, due to Crowdcube’s verification requirements.

Would it be possible to email them to existing investors? Or provide a Google Drive link to those investors?

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Yes, we’ll send an email now.

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We’ve just sent it :inbox_tray:


Sorry to state the obvious but isn’t this unfair to people who are not existing investors? In most cases, this would breach regulatory rules…

Did you clear this with the platform?

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yeah this doesnt seem very fair and goes against the regulations of equal access to materials…

I did not receive. Can you resend me please?

You have to be a Crowdcube member in order to access these documents. Unfortunately the only way we can verify that at the moment is based on our shareholder register. But we will grant access to these documents for everyone else as quickly as possible & well within the 7 day cooling off period.


It’s just odd as Monzo were able to share their deck on their website before and during their campaign.

That’s a different sort of raise, that was a prospectus I think (different rules for that size of investment).

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You are seriously encouraging people to invest/pledge money without sight of the key documents on the basis they can cancel their investment later?

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So the link now goes to the Crowdcube homepage again - is that because the investment has been shut off already? I tried to log in around 12:25 UK time and saw the fundraising page once; tried to request pitch documents and got shunted to the homepage. I haven’t been able to visit the fundraising page since then. Does this mean I will miss out on the ability to invest?

I am a founding member /see my badge :)/ from R3.

No one is encouraging, everyone makes a decision themselves on whether to invest or not. To be frank, there is nothing super-extraordinary pitch deck provides, most of that information was on this forum anyway. If you are an active member, you are likely to have made a decision whether to invest or not even before the raise started, based on vast information provided by the Freetrade team in the last few months.


:point_up_2: This. Startups will always be restrained as it’s not ideal to hand out the plan to everyone. Always best to ask questions if you are unsure though. So feel free to ask on the pitch page when it’s back.

If you’d like to DM me how your day was I’d be most appreciative :wink:

Well played. My day is going well. How is yours going?. :slight_smile:

By the way. Well done on the latest video. It was very informative. Hope you get a chance when it goes back up.

P.S. - Kind of off topic but I cannot, and won’t share the Pitch Deck. That is up to Freetrade.