Restriction timings


Does anyone have any updated information, when we will beable to invest nornamlly again?

I saw last night and today, many US stocks are available to buy on limit order again, ready for Monday BUT alot aren’t. And my woah is me, TSLA is still unavailable.

Regardless of your stocks, investment style or opinion on a business. Tesla is my major long and for me this is my DCA time of the month. Perfect also with the price dropping this last week. Hence why I’m getting more uneasy that it hasn’t popped back up, ready for Monday purchases.

If anyone has any updated info, that’d be highly appreciated.

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No update yet. The team are working through the weekend to improve things for you. We will let you know the status as soon as we can, but it might be on Monday.


Good luck getting it sorted guys.


Thank you Viktor,

I and many, have everything crossed for you.

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