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The dividend pay-out will have also been taken into account lowering the price. Typically a dividend pay-out sees a like for like drop by the same amount in the share price.


unlike others, I sold all my RIO and BHP shares yesterday and I lost about £350 during the sale and all the dividends I could have got. I see RIO are back up again today. I have been buying high and fear selling across on all of my stocks. I cannot cope with this.

I lost a lot more on other stocks held here and have wiped out £1000s, and to tub salt into the wound not even FT profited from it. I simply cannot stomach investing like this anymore. I have lost plenty with this app. It’s not investing, but a game in the guise of investing but stuffed with incentives to trade instead of investing long term. Arguably I could buy, uninstall, and walk away and never check again, but it take 3 mins to install and log in each time.

The difference with HL and FT is that HL is difficult to place an order, and when I do for some reason I never look back. I check in biannually to see what’s happening.

But with FT it is the opposite. I check hourly. It is like gambling and encourages some people to act irresponsibly. I hope that some re. It’s obsessive and emotionally destabilizing, and eating up my life; A life that does not have much left to live in terms of years.

I am slowly selling off my positions and hopefully will put this into index funds back with HL, and eventually close down FT.

I have good index funds that have served me well for decades with HL. I want to live instead of being tethered to a smartphone checking FT every waking hour. From an engagement angle, FT is just another SnapChat Instagram Facebook app.

FT is an excellent platform & I admire what they have done. They should go far, and I wish them well with their launches and success.


I’d just work on my patience. Nothing to do with freetrade. I barely log in and almost exclusively invest in ETFs. Not paying insane amounts for a service doesn’t make it gambling.
It’s hard, I know. Especially when you’re not experienced at not-checking. But the issue is in front of the screen, not in the app.


It’s not patience.
It is fear.


Well said :+1: I’m kind of ignoring my app at the moment as don’t want to panic sell :joy:


That’s very common. I sold Amazon in the COVID drop only to buy back 10% higher.

Honestly the best trade you can make at times like this is nothing. Hide the app in a folder or set usage locks so you can’t check during market hours.

You’ve been at this game a while and clearly have a good level of knowledge (from your posts) don’t let fear over rule your calm well considered decisions.


Indeed. Buying and selling on other sites I used required lots of hoops to place orders. It helped me focus on what was important.

FT has destabilized me by this being so easy:-) I need a break for a while.


Great idea. Walk away and come back in a few days. There is a reason city traders are all Coke addled nutters or burned out with a nervous breakdown by their mid 30’s!


lol so true. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :joy:


One heck of a generalisation but nearly spat my coffee out thinking of WOWS :joy:


You should still get a div this month. if you were holding at the ex dividend date. I think BHP pays out today, RIO pays out in a couple of days.

Learning to leave things alone is one of the hardest things in Investing. I’ve kind of got there now. I used to spend loads of time tinkering and my returns are better now that I’m more passive. You need to be emotionally detached. I used to get angry about losses and rush into trying to make it back, rather than taking a step back and making a more sensible decision


This. And fear of loss. I’ve still not learnt :wink:


Stocks fall and rise .We need to be detached otherwise you will be on a emotional roller coster.
In next few weeks there could be major correction in the market and it will be a good time to buy .Stocks will recover.
Last year around March stocks crashed within 18 months we were at pre covid levels.


I got lucky on the covid drop, back in march 2020, as that’s when the switch flipped in my mind, and i stopped worrying about the price movements.

Had kept a sum on the side for the inevitable drop due to supply chains getting mangled (i work in supply chain management, and it was / still is rather painful).

My conviction was high on certain companies, and their fundamentals were solid, so i bought and bought and bought :slight_smile:

Nowadays i open the app maybe every few days, though i open my tracker in excel every afternoon (but I can’t buy/sell theough there hah)


I just bought a share in this bad boy, wait don’t tell me I bought in at the wrong time the company is about to fold lol

Rio Tinto is expected to fork out one of the largest-ever annual dividends during the coming week. The approximately £12.1bn payout for shareholders will likely include a special dividend. The forecast from the analyst consensus is that sales topped $65bn in 2021, for pre-tax profits of $39bn and a $10.20 per share dividend. That would be the second-largest ever dividend in the history of the FTSE 100, behind Vodafone’s £18bn payout in 2014. The most optimistic analyst anticipates a payout of $11.60 per share. – Sunday Times

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Does that mean I was to late for the divvy /cry, this stock was on my list I just needed cash ahh, I bought like 8+ diff new stocks today

I believe you had to hold in August 2021 for this special div. I bought 13 shares in September 2021 :frowning:

Declaration date 23 Feb 2022 (Wed)
Ex-div date 10 Mar 2022 (Thu)
Pay date 21 Apr 2022 (Thu)


Dammit I blame Boris Johnston, oh well least I’m in now.

13 shares tidy :slight_smile: I hope to get a good few more in this one as well.