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Looks like it’s going back up again.
I’ll keep a lookout and top up every time it goes under 50.


Just under 52 a share now. Gutted I missed out on topping up at sub 50.
I used to Own a lot more and would like to build up my portfolio again at least to the point where the dividend is enough to cover 1 new share.

Other than that fellow Freetraders it’s nice to finally see some green for a change :slight_smile:


Are we feeling a double whammy of ex divident, market correction, slow China?

There has also been some negative press in relation to allegations of bullying, which combined with the points you highlight and a general market downturn will have had an impact on SP.

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Yeah I seen the bullying stuff a while ago unless this is more bullying. They seem to be having constant issues with work place problems as of late.

I know this stocks cynical as well but it’s my biggest holding so far.

Hello all. Apparently J P Morgan has lifted the target price of this share 60. I’m currently sat on a modest profit atm, hopefully it will hit about 55 and I will sell

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See what’s so annoying I had a bigger stake in this but it’s sat like stagbebt waiting on China etc and other stuff and when I sold all my gia and got the funds moved to my isa I bought a smaller stake and tried to spread it out to more etfs etc then what happens day 2 I’d the isa it shoots up after me sitting so long lol.

Its sods law investing at times you just have to laugh it off hahaha agha see like that :smiley:

It is always the way but don’t forget it can quite as easily drop again :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve got a higher percentage in ETF`s which is a safer long term strategy in my opinion.

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Yeah it can :slight_smile: I always talk in hindsight lol. Yes my biggest holding is all world now then rio then snp500 but I want snp500 above it and maybe keep it third not sure if I should bump the uk100 up to 3rd it’s a hard one as everyone always says the UK has no growth but we shall see.

For me I have S&P 500 in my pensions but I tend to stick to FTSE for my ISA. The biggest benefit of UK shares is the dividends but you may not get the growth you would get elsewhere.


Morning Freetraders. I had a mare selling these shares this morning it kept rejecting my trades. Manages to sell half my holding at 52.89.
Hopefully I caught it before the prices drop again, failing that I’ve kept hold of the shares I bought at 46.
Everything seems to have dropped this
Morning, I’m guessing the markets factoring an interest rate hike on Thursday

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