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Looks like it’s going back up again.
I’ll keep a lookout and top up every time it goes under 50.


Just under 52 a share now. Gutted I missed out on topping up at sub 50.
I used to Own a lot more and would like to build up my portfolio again at least to the point where the dividend is enough to cover 1 new share.

Other than that fellow Freetraders it’s nice to finally see some green for a change :slight_smile:


Are we feeling a double whammy of ex divident, market correction, slow China?

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There has also been some negative press in relation to allegations of bullying, which combined with the points you highlight and a general market downturn will have had an impact on SP.

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Yeah I seen the bullying stuff a while ago unless this is more bullying. They seem to be having constant issues with work place problems as of late.

I know this stocks cynical as well but it’s my biggest holding so far.

Hello all. Apparently J P Morgan has lifted the target price of this share 60. I’m currently sat on a modest profit atm, hopefully it will hit about 55 and I will sell

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See what’s so annoying I had a bigger stake in this but it’s sat like stagbebt waiting on China etc and other stuff and when I sold all my gia and got the funds moved to my isa I bought a smaller stake and tried to spread it out to more etfs etc then what happens day 2 I’d the isa it shoots up after me sitting so long lol.

Its sods law investing at times you just have to laugh it off hahaha agha see like that :smiley:

It is always the way but don’t forget it can quite as easily drop again :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve got a higher percentage in ETF`s which is a safer long term strategy in my opinion.

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Yeah it can :slight_smile: I always talk in hindsight lol. Yes my biggest holding is all world now then rio then snp500 but I want snp500 above it and maybe keep it third not sure if I should bump the uk100 up to 3rd it’s a hard one as everyone always says the UK has no growth but we shall see.

For me I have S&P 500 in my pensions but I tend to stick to FTSE for my ISA. The biggest benefit of UK shares is the dividends but you may not get the growth you would get elsewhere.


Morning Freetraders. I had a mare selling these shares this morning it kept rejecting my trades. Manages to sell half my holding at 52.89.
Hopefully I caught it before the prices drop again, failing that I’ve kept hold of the shares I bought at 46.
Everything seems to have dropped this
Morning, I’m guessing the markets factoring an interest rate hike on Thursday

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Some very good gains the last couple of days. Long may they continue

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Its interesting to see since the beginning of Rio it’s graphs have pretty much looked like this year by year. Other than a couple of anomily years where it doubled down but the year after it trebled up before falling back into this contuined graph.


Hi Kiava , spot on your exactly right . It’s ok having huge paper gains for many years buy and hold etc . But you also gotta take some profit or along comes a crash that to be honest nobody sees coming and your back to square one . The markets go up and the markets go down to give buying opportunities or nobody would enter because of the fear that your paying too much . Reality is money is made on the fluctuations . It’s not about trying to time for maximum gains it’s making a solid gain your happy with . I don’t know you but have read many of your posts and take my hat off to you for your often raw open honesty I wish you the best if luck. Smiley face .



Thank you kind sir for spotting method in my madness haha. Yes I was pointing out with Rio only the consistent ups and downs since its time began. This stock should be one for the buy low sell high criteria to maximise profits

That’s my own opinion of course but the public go by long term history and graphs well there’s your graph.

All the best :+1:

P…S. I’m having one of my gameing and drinking nights, this post really made me happy. I know my spelling and punctuation sucks and without spell checker I would be lost. I even make spell checker crumble many times per day trying to figure out what I’m saying.

Hopefully though I come cross as somewhat sane :), I love this community though always have always will. Xxx


Hi Hyseb-21.

I had the same line of thinking. But lately I’ve changed my strategy to investing in US based ETFs for the next 10 years, then if things are similar to today’s markets (in terms of UK being good dividend payers), I’ll swop my investments from US based to UK based to help supplement my retirement pension.

I’m hoping for good US growth for the 10 years, giving more purchasing power when converting to UK based ETFs.

Not suggesting you do the same; we’re all different but just outlining my current strategy (which could of course change as things go on).

Oooooo the rally will end

There is a trade of £37.96million today but don’t know if it is a buy or a sell. Exactly the same is showing for Glencore.

Massive drop today