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How’s everyone taking the news then? I bought 5 more shares yesterday, hoping a made the right decision.

I know mining sites aren’t perma but it’s supposed to be good until at least 2028?

I’m holding off adding to my Anglo American position or opening a new position with Rio. I like both businesses but feel there could be a chance of better buying opportunities. Despite market turbulence commodity prices are stil at fairly high levels by historical standards so that alone could provide an opportunity for these shares to fall further if prices soften.

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news? whats going on? I dumped all my stock a few weeks ago :face_with_peeking_eye:

Dam this is whwre I lack knowlage and to be honest I don’t know much about thst kind of news I just hoped that with China easing covid that they would be buying up rio.

I have a weird feeling with the ease of crypto again people are selling stocks for crypto but I’m a newbie so I don’t know much as all its just going by gut feeling and from news I hear.

The dividend got halfed I think but I’m hoping it’s just that most companies are having a little riff raft this year and as rio say their hopeful that the company is going towards the correct direction so I will stick by my guns.

I could be completely wrong…wouldn’t be the first time!

As you say china does have a big say in it. There’s quite a few macro events that could see the commodity cycle play out in various ways which will either be to the benefit or detriment of companies like Rio in the near term. One things for sure, it’s highly unlikely they are going anywhere so aslong as you can leave the money invested for sometime the cycles can be ridden and the dividends received in the meantime!

ahhh I see,

next div is 372p ? is that right?
I may have to buy back in :rofl:

:face_with_peeking_eye: :laughing:
never trust tradingview

I used to hold RIO for its dividends so this would have been a reason for me not to buy and if my holding was in profit still, would have been a reason for me to sell.

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Hi, for what it’s worth don’t beat yourself up over an opening position. I open Rio at 57 quite happy but yes it fell didn’t feel good but my average is now around 47 . You have a dividend coming and you can now take advantage of a lower price if it drops . All the best .

Rio Tinto share price to end year ‘well above where it is today’

Rio Tinto share price to end February well below where it started the month.
I might buy a few more :thinking:

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Received the dividend in the ISA today. With the decrease in it, I’d almost forgotten about it. Not enough to buy a share so will probably look elsewhere to reinvest for the time being.

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Hello all any reason for the sudden drop today?
It’s given me the chance to buy in cheaply so can’t complain.

Is the drop from the China tensions?

I sware anytime I buy this stock it’s dropping bought when I said -8% for me then it went to neg 10 so bought more 3 more this month which was over my Allowence and now it’s neg 12+ percent argh and I have no cash to buy.

Would of been better drip feeding 1 share st a time each week maybe.

I know the big drop was dividents but after that it had test even remotely recovererd.

I know it’s the lowest I’ve seen in a long time. It should recover in the medium term hopefully it’s just a blip.
Either way keep calm and average down I think as long as your average is under 50 you should be fine

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My average is £54 been buying since covid :frowning:

:(. If it makes you feel better I sold at 53 just before it went up to 60 and then bought back in at 55 just before it dropped to under 50.

At least we still have the dividend

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Hang in there, I’m at an average of just under £48 but at least the dividend is still healthy. As its a cyclical business we will see these extremes of highs and lows, but should see growth if you hold for the long term.

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Sweet thanks for the repliys. I do try keep up to date with rio I’m always a little iffy with what I should do with it just because mines don’t last for ever. Then we have the wars and potential wars but this stock if my biggest holding currently so it’s just a bit scary for me watching it, but hopefully we see everything return to some what normal figures one day.