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Me too. Delays are getting to be annoying.

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Had an amount of money show up, which, when I deduct the L&G dividend, does leave me with what I would expect as the Rio one. Not had the email yet though.

That’s it in now. Have to wait until Tomorrow to spend it tho :sob:

Got an email and notification just now.

Nice divi

Mine came in …
50% less than I expected
whats going on !
oh… I had my Ex div date wrong by 1 day, missed out by 1 day :see_no_evil:

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Haha, the dividednt is not strong with this one

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Can only be a good thing. :heart_eyes:

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Hello Freetraders,

Topped up a few more today to take advantage of low sp.
What does everyone else think about this? I can only see the share price going up from here.

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I am hoping it falls further. I think the slow down of the Chinese economy is hampering them and they recently missed a consensus on iron ore shipments. Long term I think the outlook is good but now is probably a good time to pick up some Rio if you have a long term out look. I’m holding out for a drop to high 30s low 40s. I nearly bought some today but I’m heavy on mining so went for some logistics stocks instead to balance things out

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Morning all 6% rise in the sp this morning.
Any ideas?

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Increase is due to rise in cooper prices
Plus reduced restrictionin chin

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BHP jumped in lockstep.

Hello all, I managed to sell at a decent profit so I’m happy.

I am hoping it goes back to the 46 mark and I’ll buy back in.


Is this really appropriate? It is verging on spam (particularly across so many threads).

You might have permission from FT but you don’t disclose in your posts that you have written the articles and even if you had there’s a line between helpful comment and spam that for me you’re well over…


That’s great news I hope it doesn’t and keeps rising :slight_smile:

Come off it - objecting to you spamming the board is not the same as censorship or a desire to ban links.

As I said it would be more honest if you at least admitted each time that you had written the articles (which is absolutely not the same as posting links written by others).


Rios taking a big hit the last few days, is it because the radio active accident or the banks hikes?

I think they found the radioactive stuff. I think it’s a contractors fault so hopefully no big fines etc

Yeah they did but its a massive hit but maybe its a dip after the big run, although rio took a hit and snp500 and ftse all world jamp 5% where as rio dropped 5%