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New COO & the head of production is now the ex head of production.

Scroll to the “little bird” section for more details on the reorganisation.

Rivian is dividing its commercial business with one group focused on its B2B vertical and the other on its B2C vertical.

Baby steps

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Add Rivian to the layoffs list.


Good news but 100000 trucks do not make a car company.
Rivian needs to replicate this many times over to stay in the game.

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Worth buying as it’s lower than past six months ?

Hey @Parekh welcome to the community :ocean:

Where any stock has been in the past is not a useful metric when trying to work out where it’s going.

Rivian faces some serious headwinds as a business if you feel they’re well placed to tackle these and thrive then you should take a further look into the business.


I was up 30% on rivian last week, it’s dropped back down to near where I jumped on so I bought some more. I will keep buying if it stays at this level or lower. They are Tesla Killer’s and have had some positive news recently after an awful start to the year. You should do your own research though and then decide if it is for you

I’m sorry to say but I sold out. It was taking my portfolio down into the red so I decided to bail.
I’m sure they will recover eventually but they have a lot to do to get back to a good valuation.


Anyone got any current information on this stock I’m in two minds whether to call it a day here and put it into an other stock

Seeking alpha website has many many articles

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Thanks for that Colin @NorthernColin.
Got some good info, Thanks again.

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Shhh. It’s up 26% in a month. Touchwood

@Neill Hi Neil I suspect like, myself your Holding this Stock iv, been keeping an eye on them and still adding £, I’m in for the long run, I’m confident they will recover, had it not been for the Pandemic I think they would have been well on their way by now. In my option they are still worth buying and Holding

I am holding, you are right. I’m confident it’ll hit at least $30 that seems about the norm for non tesla automotive. So long as they can increase their deliveries.

Still holding

Have some in, not 2 sure

Sold at $26. Waiting for it to go low again.