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Keen to get back in again. Has it bottomed out do we think?

Unless you follow this writer and he has a proven track of decent analysis, Never trust a fool …

Well, I’m no expert but they seem to have done well 2nd qtr. And are aiming to be loss free by next year. These seem like cheap shares at the moment for a company with that much cash available.

Hi @Neill yes they are holding their own and I think they should be in the Green in 24 or 25 and at the present share price worth buying more as I do every month, Hang in there with them ride the ups and downs and they will come good mark my words, and watch this space.

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Assuming they hit are able to hit their goal of begin cash flow positive they’ll be at $0 profit car manufacturer and have burned through a further $5-$8bn. The market is slashing prices at the moment which only makes their cost cutting harder, that’s without the F-150 and EV Silverado eating Rivian’s lunch with prices starting at $45k.

I like the cars but I fail to see the investment case so far as upside goes, they’re already valued at $22bn. Where is the growth coming from to justify a valuation of $27bn+

No big industry startup like this ever gets there without massive up front investment. This is a long game.
But America loves it’s trucks. Once they see that the range holds good (if) the valuation will ring true with a continued steady increase in sales.
Luckily for Rivian China isn’t interested (atm) in electric trucks. Tesla et all better watch out! For all the saloon body EVs China is on the march.

Good evening to Rivian stock holders I’m still buying every Month building my Holdings up quite nicely.
Amozon reported 5000 Electric Delivery Vans now across the US and 300 bound for Delivery to Germany as part of the European roll out as part of its pledge on climate

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This Stock is on the move up, It was $17.14 on 01/12/23, and today 20/12/23
This Morning at 11.00am it’s @ $24.35.
Anyone else holding,

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And today it’s on the dive at 11.10

What TF happened

I’ve no idea but cried a little over my loss. But cheered slightly with nvidia going up and sold my gain to equal out this loss


What are people’s thoughts on Rivian now?

I’ve not looked into them much in detail but I saw the new car models they have in the works and they look impressive. Some of the better EVs I’ve seen I think.


Stock is interesting. saw reports that it has successfully delivered more EV vehicles than its targets, having laid off staff too, maybe it’s a good turning point for company … just need more positivity in EV Markets in general … US STOCKS are spooked everytime lately there is no confidence in Markets … slightest nervy report they dump everything.

:sunglasses: :grimacing:
I sold out my entire holding after hours. 55% profit

Was a good earnings but … :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Gut feeling and all that

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what’s your gut feeling?

assuming they can deliver, they’re upcoming models look really promising

had a look at the numbers again
a loss >$1 billion, negative free cash flow of >$1 billion, a loss per share of >$1.00
and negative margins