RNS updates

I’ve been looking on the LSE website as I want to ensure I receive news updates about my stock holdings. However, I can’t see anywhere to set up auto-email alerts. Does anyone know if it’s possible to do this directly with LSE?

I use Vox markets for all my RNS alerts, easy to manage and they come through pretty quick on my phone

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It would be great to have RNS & SEC-1 filings in app on Freetrade one day


Following your comment about Vox I’ve set up a watchlist for my portfolio and, when I log on, I can see RNS updates for the stocks I’m following. However, I can’t find how to set up email alerts. I’m probably missing something obvious but would appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.

Ah my bad they don’t do email alerts just app phone alerts.

I have a few alerts from London stock exchange website as well, setup an account on their website.

Create a portfolio and add your stocks to it, then under the settings email alerts, create a new alert, go to news alerts select your portfolio and set the alert to all news stories

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Besides what @Jimmy has already mentioned, a popular one is Investegate which provides a comprehensive source of announcements from UK quoted companies, allowing you to view regulatory and non-regulatory news as it happens in a simple and convenient format.


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For people using Telegram, you can use the Yoizer bot for RNS notifications.


Link for the lazy

It looks pretty neat, cheers for the heads up @Kraftskiva