Useful UK news sources before 7am, for a stock list

I am looking for useful UK stock news sources before 8am, ideally 0700 onwards, that can provide news for a specific stock list. The problem is, most sites are not good until 8-9 am, and the one I did find would require manual entry for each stock. My experiences are below.

Google finance: not much use before 8am
Yahoo finance: not much use before 8am
shares magazine: great source of information, literally every RNS from 7:00 onwards. The problem is, reading every RNS is impractical, and I would have to put each company in individually. It won’t filter on a company list
Apple stocks app: not much use before 8am.

This is tricky.

RNS release at 0700 daily as you know and it takes time for journalists (even the really speedy ones) to digest the results they need to cover and spit out a quick first take. The first daily newsletters sent out on the UK markets usually come from the FT (City Bulletin) and the Times (Business Briefing). The FT has an option to set alerts for specific companies but their UK companies coverage is not as comprehensive as you might require - small caps/AIM stuff usually won’t get covered.

The most efficient way to monitor RNS from companies you’re watching is probably to register for a free account on

You can then set up alerts on whichever companies you’re tracking.

For news you could set alerts up on Google news and make sure you’re emailed these in real time. The only caveat on that one is that they sometimes pick up a lot of useless content! Again though you’ll probably find there’s a time lag between alerts and when news is published.


I use VOX market on Android. When I wake up I get all the 7am RNS’ for the companies I follow.

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Alternatively if you have telegram use Yoizer - it’s a really cool bot and very easy.


I found investegate to be useful even as an anonymous user. I can speed read the full RNS from 0700-0800 in a minute or less.

I will make a note of the other solutions provided as backup. Some interesting answers here. Thanks to everyone that contributed.

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