Easiest way to track RNSs for stocks

I’ve taken the time to create a Google Finance spreadsheet that has all my useful numbers in it.

The only thing that’s missing is seeing if there’s been an RNS released for the stocks I watch.

Does anyone have a recommendation on an easy way to keep track of that? I wouldn’t mind if it’s something entirely different to a spreadsheet, just preferably one thing I can load up and check once a day.

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There’s a few:

I sign up to https://www.londonstockexchange.com/ - you can set up email alerts for individual uk stocks for whenever there is a release or news story.

Not so sure about US though yet.

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I use advfn news alerts.

Covers US and LSE

Cheers. I try avoid email/desktop alerts, prefer the pull info to the push.

Used ADVFN back in the day where the dash would show an A next to tickers with an RNS, was handy for a one page look of anything released 7-8AM.

I could scrape the LSE site for it as a programmer but was hoping there was already a solution out there, a web page where I can filter with tickers. LSE site from what I see does not show RNS in its ‘watchlists’ and the news area shows all news for all tickers.

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I have NYSE/NASDAQ well covered with Seeking Alpha (Premium), but not LSE.

I’ve tried Yahoo Finance app but I’m not happy with it. ,The quality of the feeds is very inconsistent, half of them being semi-random promotional garbage from fool.co.uk.

Has anybody tried Simple Wall St.?

My only subscription is to Simpy Wall Street.

I find it very good in general.

However, its news alerts come late and inconsistently.

Its great for figures, charts, analysing etc. Well simplified.

News alerts work better with a free ADVFN account and set news alerts that way.

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London South East lets you create a list of stocks and then you can see if they have issued an RNS

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LSE is who I use, logged out. I can’t seem to get the confirmation email from them to activate a fresh account.

sod’s law, it came through this time. I’ve tried multiple times in the past.

Cheers, good to have 1 spot where I can take a quick look in the morning.

I use to have a Hargreaves Lansdown account which I haven’t used for years but it has a good watchlist feature I add all my shares in there and on the bottom left it has a news feed for any in my watchlist from share cast and on bottom right it has a an RNS feed for all in my watchlist.