Robinhood gives investors international targets to aim for with launch of ADR


Will Freetrade users have the ability to trade foreign depositary receipts upon the app’s launch? If not, is this part of the pipeline?

(Vladislav Kozub) #2

I would have absolutely loved the idea of investing in Tencent. It might not be the main priority at the beginning - Viktor may be able to clarify - but having OTC (Over The Counter) stocks available, even without the ISA wrapper, would be endlessly beautiful.

(Rob Sexton) #3

The good news is our US stock universe includes a number of ADRs (in the second tab, all of them should be labelled as ADRs):

As with our UK stock universe, this is a live document as we refine it based on user requests, and we’ll look to increase the number we offer as the volume of trading increases. If there’s anything you want to see added, please use this link to add your request: