Stocks/ETF Requests

In addition to new feature requests, if there are any financial products you would like to see available in the app, for example a Stock or ETF that is not listed in the current universe :earth_africa:, please fill out this form :memo:, and feel free to discuss below.

If you haven’t already, it’s also worth reading @Rob’s recent blog post about the Universe that will be available at launch, and the logic behind it. :v:


Long before the

was updated, it contained a lot of US stocks too. As @Rob explained, those will not be available at launch but will be implemented shortly (according to @Viktor, even before the Android App)

Would be helpful to have another tab in the spreadsheet with the list of initial US stocks. Many of SP500 securities were there originally but not BAT, for example, or some other major players. If the users had a chance to look at the list before the launch, more valuable suggestions could be made via the form

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Done! Check this tab.

Any thoughts?

That was rocket speed, thanks! Few minor things on the list:

ATVI is gaming, there is a little omission in the description
C would be a copy/paste of BAC
HAS is something more people would know as a toy industry

If I was to add my 2 cents, JD / BABA / TCEHY / BIDU - these are the future of the emerging markets. IF TCEHY was on the list, that’s 20% of my portfolio straight away. Especially given the recent dip.


Just following your lead in terms of speed. :grin::fire:

All “bugs” fixed!

Regarding JD / BABA / TCEHY / BIDU, I’ll let our stockbroker ops manager comment on any context about adding them.

(I’m personally eyeing those Tencent prices, too…)

JD, BABA and BIDU all perfectly possible to add to the universe if there is sufficient demand. From very quick initial research (so don’t hold me to this) are all ADRs/ADSs of a Chinese parent and therefore not ISA’able (big ISA Eligibility blog post coming soon so no need to rehash here!).

TCEHY is a ‘funny’ one in that it doesn’t appear to be accessible to us via our chosen US execution venue - this could simply be an oversight, however it looks (again, based on a few seconds of research) like we may be able to trade it on another exchange - primary listing seems to be ‘700’ on Hong Kong. However, this would mean it wouldn’t be available when we go live with US stocks. Good news - it would therefore be ISA’able. Swings and roundabouts.


JD, BABA, BIDU and CTRP are not ISA’able because they are Cayman-listed VIE structures. Unlike most stocks where as an equity holder you have a claim in the company’s assets, you do not have the same rights in a VIE structure as you own a holding company. Jack Ma (founder of BABA) or Richard Liu (founder of BIDU) own different shares. Whilst you can’t own them in your ISA, a regular taxable portfolio is not an issue.

Tencent (700 or TCEHY) on the other hand is different and you own shares in the actual company. Pony Ma owns the same shares as other shareholders, including Naspers. 700 should be no issues when it comes to main exchanges, but I do know that TCEHY can be a bit funny (I remember I had to call a phone broker to trade that stock with HL).



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I would like to ask the Freetrade team: Do you have a mapped plan on when you will be implementing a full NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE & OTC trading? If you do not, can you give clarity on the main problems you face?
Thank you!


Hey Sam, we’re currently awaiting for the full roadmap to be released, hopefully this will contain some of the information you’re after :slight_smile:

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@rob_h are there any plans to add any Cannabis ETFs to the universe? E.g. ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF

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At present we’ve not be overwhelmed with requests for ETFs such as this. As always we’ll be guided by what our users want and if there is demand we’ll certainly look into it. However, on quick inspection our US provider does not offer us the ability to trade ETFs such as the Alternative Harvest. As you know we’re kicking off with UK only stocks for now so if there’s a comparable on the UK market you’re interested in let me know.


As per the Paragraph 6(2) of The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, Cannabis would constitute Class-B drug, cultivation of which is illegal in the UK.

That is why there is most likely not to be any

at the moment.

I was thinking of something more like the GW Pharma ADR. I’m not versed in all the alternative ways you could replicate some exposure. My point was merely - if you know of some, let me know.


Thanks Rob, I’ll do some research and see if there’s anything interesting on the UK side.

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Why aren’t all stocks traded automatically in the universe? Not all FTSE 250 stocks are up there.

There seem to be an absence of AIM listed companies as well for the UK?

Will you also be looking at more exchanges?

Welcome! Good to have you on board.
Lots written on this subject previously so I won’t rehash it all here.
Some of your questions answered here:

Regarding more exchanges : yes, it’s on the roadmap.

Thanks Rob for the quick reply. I quite like oil & gas but note mid tier players (Enquest, Faroe, Cairn, Premier etc) aren’t on them. I think AIM companies are interesting companies for growth as well so will be interesting if you guys can look into including those too.


Sounds like you need to head on over to @tommy 's discussion board



What you guys are doing seems very cool! Which bank are you using to do the trading through? @rob_h