Stocks/ETF Requests

(Rob) #21

No banks. Electronically polling a wide RSP (market maker) network via a gateway and settling in Crest. Various details on this spread throughout the blog. Blog post on mechanics of trade and settlement on there soon. Head on over there and take a read.

(Christopher) #22

@rob_h really looking forward to these blog posts.

Do you envisage a point in which offering Direct Market Access makes sense, as a value add to Alpha for example?

(Rob) #23

The blog post regarding trade and settlement got a little out of hand. If I wrote something super nerdy I’d alienate a great chunk of Freetraders who (quite rightly) don’t care about the behind the scenes boring stuff. I approached it from a different angle. I was over caffeinated.

Regarding DMA - all options on the table. If the user base demands it, if we can make it cost efficient, if it genuinely adds something etc…etc… Boring none committal answer, I know.

Make your case. Send Viktor a massive, detailed email. His inbox is empty. He’d love the work.

(Vladislav Kozub) #24

Is it actually empty? I thought he is the one who gets bombarded the most.

We would prefer some boring stuff to read if the other alternative is just one article on Medium a week! Just disclose everything you have and we could at least read something on Friday afternoon :wink:.

(Christopher) #25

haha, brilliant! Thanks for the answer @rob_h

And I’m with @Vlad, Friday and or travel reading is welcome. You’ll have an audience of two at least.

@Viktor standby…

(Vladislav Kozub) #26

Agreed. @rob_h, it is about quality of the audience, not quantity. Make sure you post it before @Toby starts mixing the drinks at 4! :grin:

(Rob) #27

His inbox is baron. Nothing there at all. You’ve never seen anything like it. His timeline,too …none existent. He gets no @'s no ‘likes’, no ‘thumbs up’ and no ‘mentions’. Show the guy some love people.

(Viktor) #28

Yes, please! :heart:

DMA is a good question. Our ambitions are large. :wink:

(Viktor) #29

:laughing: My weekend program is sorted as is.

Massive number of people asking how they could invest in Freetrade as they missed it. :frowning:

(Tommy Lowe) #31

Let’s start the bidding at a fiver a share :wink:


I’m already seeing a £1 billion mcap :wink:

So let’s start the bid at £25?

(Nick Jackson) #33

@tommy and @Rob any plans to offer -

Vanguard Long-Term Treasury Fund - VUSTX
Vanguard Intermediate-Term Treasury Fund - VFITX

(Rob Sexton) #34

We’ll be expanding the universe based on demand - if you’d like those, or any others to be considered, please fill out this form:

(Aris David) #35

Awesome. I submitted a few of the most liquid ETFs in the US that weren’t in the sheet.


(Rob Sexton) #36

Thanks @adavid, we’ll take a look. However to manage expectations there is a bit of an issue with US ETFs at the moment in that they don’t produce KIDs, which are a requirement for any ETF sold to an EU retail customer.

This has resulted in a number of brokers delisting the impacted US ETFs. We are looking at options, but it seems likely that unless they begin to produce KIDs we will be limited on which US ETFs we can offer.

(Danny Jeremiah) #37

Any chance of getting the Coinshares crypto ETNs?

I’ve got a bunch in my SIPP so wouldn’t be able to move over from HL until you did (and until you offered SIPPs, obvs!)

(Calum McWhir) #38

Yes! Despite their Stockholm listing they can actually be traded through the London Stock Exchange. When we’re ready to expand the UK stock universe this should make them a formality, but as they settle in Euros / Krona it might need some extra attention.

We’re on it though - a great way to get crypto exposure through the existing infrastructure.


Haha must agree, as excited as I am about using the app … holiday guys! Don’t want burn outs.

(Calum McWhir) #41

Haha, I’m here on a Sunday morning for the same reason you guys are.

Hopefully we aren’t reliant on Coinshares to add more. If any true ETFs come out they might even be ISAable :pray:


Can I request you add Monzo to the list …

Well it’s only a matter of time :sunglasses: