New stock list page on website

Hi everyone :wave:,

We worked on a new way to explore our stock universe that can be viewed now on the Stock List page.

We hope you find it helpful, and as always please do share any feedback or thoughts you have on it.

The old spreadsheet is still available to download, further down on the page :wink:


You realise you’ll have to update the app since the site now has a better search capability than the app :smile:

Nice work

It does suffer from the same bug the app used to have

Search BT and I don’t get BT as the top result.

Search RDSB and there are no results (looks like RDSB is listed incorrectly as RDSA)

Search BP and you get 3i as the top result (presumably because it’s matching ‘GBP’ to BP?

You get the idea. Hope you can update it in the future to match the closest ticket first

(It also cuts me off typing to load results if I type to slow)

Sorry for the bugs ^ I am glad to see it there


Is something meant to happen if I click a stock? They have a link but it doesn’t do anything?

Some ETFs are tagged “ETF” and some are tagged “ETF,” with a comma, and the ones with the comma in their tag don’t get picked up by the drop-down menu search.

For example, using the drop-down menus to search for ETF or ETF-INDEX and Tech produces only one result, which is incorrect – there are several ETFs that should appear. Searching free-text for EMQP or for DGIT, for example, finds them, but they aren’t displayed when searching using the drop-down menus, because they are tagged “ETF,” with a comma.

When searching for Nio it does not come on top

Hi Eden,
Nothing should happen if you click on a stock.
Thanks a lot for the feedback, we will try and improve it going forward.


If it’s just a list and nothing should happen when clicking on a stock, then the interface should not make it appear like a clickable link by changing the appearance of the pointer and changing the colour of the text.

Yeah all the stocks link back to the heroku app (open the link in a new tab and you get the stick list app on its own), just a small bug I expect they aren’t supposed to be linking to anything just now.

I tried searching for ETF-Bond and I think some are missing, eg it didn’t pick up VGOV (Vanguard UK Gilts).

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great work

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Looks great. Thanks also for keeping the google sheet available.

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Looks good :+1:

Using on an iPhone seems to need swiping enabled when going through a few pages as it just stops each swipe

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Love this - still needs a bit of work though, like the search function on the App.

For example, on the link above, and the same in the app, I search for “Baillie” and it brings back 5 results (BGEU, BGS, BGFD, BGUK, USA), but I know you have at least 7 Baillie Gifford funds available.

It needs me to search for “Scottish” to bring up the other 2… (SMT, SAIN).

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This is a very useful feature! Thank you!

When can we expect a similar category system to be implemented on the app?

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There are many US based ETFs available on the list. They shouldn`t really be here.

There are also many double entries on the ETF list.

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