Rotate Percentage and £ Profit/Loss on stocks in Portfolio

The Portfolio currently displays the percentage profit/loss of each investment (in red and green).

Could it rotate (every 10secs, say) between this and the actual £ profit/loss I’ve made.

It can be difficult to calculate this figure in my head, and understand how the investment has contributed to my portfolio’s overall performance.

Or maybe a simple toggle to switch rather than an automatic rotation? :thinking:


I quite like the idea of changing it every few seconds. Not much real estate on a phone and that saves adding a switch

:thinking: I agree on the not enough real estate however not so sure if the few seconds change is the right way to go - usually this is used to signify a change, especially since you have no control over it.

Perhaps a long press on the stock to reveal the amount in cash ?

Just a normal press on the percentage to switch it would work fine and be quite natural. Switching automatically on a timer would be annoying.

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