Safestore - SAFE

Please could I request Safestore Holdings - Self storage company to be added to the stock list please.
Also, will more information be added in the future about information on stocks. Type/dividend percentages etc?

I’ve done a quick video analysis of Safestore holdings and why I think it has some similarities with Walmart business model. It’s also been super resilient in recent covid-19 volatility.

Views my own, not advice, do your own research etc

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Covid-19 update:

Company announces only 0.8% reduction in occupancy and therefore revenue Could have small impact.

Pause on construction of four new stores which will impact growth Short term.

Dividends to be paid April 9th as planned.

Debt to equity remains low and Β£151m credit facility undrawn and available.

All staff being paid in full.

Seems quite positive overall!

Safestore is an extraordinary dynamic stock. Get this please