Sale Price Different to Actual

I recently purchase a share in Cellular Goods, the shown price per share would result in a profit for me however the confirmed sale cost me 10% loss, I understand that the show price is different to actual price so rather than using freetrade I uses London market live prices but I noticed the platform only uses the live prices when it benefits in doing so and in any other situation it will use their show price.

Be aware people it’s essentially twisting the numbers in their own benefit.

It’s showing the mid price between bid and ask I think. Cellular goods, like most penny stocks, has a massive spread between bid and ask price.

Freetrade don’t make money off the spread (it’s illegal in the UK) so it’s not correct to say they are twisting the numbers for their own benefit


There is no “actual price”. There is just an ask and bid. Different brokers use different ways to display a price, eg., last sale or mid-price. But even that won’t really give you an accurate price, as your buy order might be compiled from multiple Ask offers. That’s just how stock trading works.

You’re getting what the exchange gives you based on your order size. (Freetrade has no control over this) Otherwise, you can set a limit order to have some more control. But that might not execute your order.


Hey Amir, welcome.

the last two replies are correct. Freetrade don’t make any money from the execution of a trade so there’s no benefit for them to artificially change price details.

additionally as mentioned various factors affect the potential price you get when you buy or sell. Id encourage you to read the execution policy Order Execution policy

The stock you mention is also a relatively low volume stock, it’s not surprising that prices available may vary more than other more common stock. This should be taken into account when you’re looking to buy or sell.

Worth a note as well, if you were trying to sell a stock in a small profit to try and lock in that small profit, this is generally a bad idea. stocks fluctuate, and low volume stocks can fluctuate even more. the bid/offer on that stock is quite wide 0.60 / 0.75, thats a 22% difference

You should look to keep in mind some of these variables when considering selling or buying stock. Hope thats helpful

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I have to say I do understand where you are coming from but it also works the other way sometimes i sell and end up with more than expected as said earlier with low profit margins its very risky as the price can differ vastly in seconds on some occasions.

Buying and selling on the live prices is a gamble both ways thats just how stock trading works.

FT uses mid price , so you don’t buy or sell at the price shown.

Plus its not live. (Technically no prices are although some are closer to ‘live’)

Oh, and your portfolio isn’t worth what it says either, as thats using mid price too :rofl:

Take all prices as indicative.

For this reason I use a limit order instead of an instant one.

Ideally any stock priced over £1.00 would also accept fractions of a penny, app doesn’t allow it just now.

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