Say what you like about space cadet musk.....but

I just saw a spaceship and its was of musks making. He is a guy who can make things happen


It was an incredible watch! Well done to the whole SpaceX and NASA organisation.

I was crossing fingers until the second rocket separated.


It’s been done 60 years ago. By communists nonetheless. Elon Musk is a good marketer, nothing more. Electric cars exist for over a century. as you probably can understand, I am not a fan of Tesla/Musk/SpaceX.
Good about the reuse of booster rockets, I’ll give him that.


Musks making? Space ex the same company who nearly went bust but got bailed out by the government?

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Just going to leave this here :joy:

Too much negativity and sarcasm on this thread.

For the first time, humans went to orbit on a spacecraft that was designed from the ground up to be a commercial venture.

Previous missions from NASA had a noble, but ‘not economical’ feel to them.

As investors, we should appreciate the gravity of what happened yesterday.


Most of the missions in the history of NASA have been done this way. You can read any of the biographies of the guys involved and they contain quotes likes ‘whenever I thought of the rocket I remembered that nearly every part had been built by the lowest bidder’.

NASA has used public/private partnerships throughout its history. I am pleased SpaceX has succeeded but it is not such a unique venture.


I’m not a big fan of Musk, But this is a great achievement. I also think comments comparing it to previous achievements (either favourably or unfavourably) by NASA or Russia or China are unfair. They are all excellent :+1:


Big sign of progress: 40 years and the cost is 10X less


It’s never been done by a private company. It’s only been done by state level funding previously, this is a pretty big milestone and it signifies that space travel is becoming more commercially viable.

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It is only commercial in the sense of ownership - the funding is still being provided by NASA (indeed there have been accusations that Space X has overcharged NASA to subsidise their commercial offerings).

It was a great moment in the safe use of a new design.

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Sending people into space is some serious social distancing.


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