Screener for uk stocks ( Joel Greenblatt styleee)

Does anyone know where I can use a screener to produce a uk stock list based on “ the little book that beats the market “ .
Joel Greenblatt has a free US company screener using his buy cheap / good quality companies method but I’m after doing the same but with UK stocks .

I think stockopedia have a preset screener that does uk but I have to pay and join up to use that .


There is another chat where a user did a review of Simply Wall St Simply Wall St. Tool for Selecting & Managing Stocks

There are three very similar firms, but they all work in slightly different ways. Stockopedia, Simply Wall St, and Genuine Impact.

Nice scoring system, clean interface, lots of coverage, very pricey. I don’t like the pricing model. I’ve spent the least time with these guys.

Simply Wall St:
Each security is ranked against a “score card” e.g. is your PE ratio higher than X. Very beautiful interface, I personally like the spider graphs but people do find them hit or miss. fund coverage is extremely poor and doesn’t add value. App is terrible, not sure why they tried to make it like Tinder? I’ve used these guys a lot for trade ideas but now I’ve switch to the third one.

Genuine Impact:
Extremely new and looks like a beta, app only, so far everything has been free with no limits, they do ranking more like stockopedia however these guys make everything relative and they use that to force a ranking to show what is scoring better. The filtering is extremely basic right now and I’ve emailed them asking for more control (to basically do what you are asking, I only care about value so show me that ranking.) These guys also rank funds which is extremely useful for me too!

In short, I have high hopes that Genuine Impact will do what you are looking for! As I want that too! I’d recommend emailing them as they were pretty prompt when I asked about more screening options, it looks like a super small team (unless there are more people they haven’t put on their website?)

Failing all of that you can also use Google Sheets to hook into Google Finance and pull down the data you need all for free, however it only seems to really work with FTSE100 stocks, so it’s extremely limiting.


Thanks for the info .

I’ll check out that third option , sounds interesting .
I preset screener would be ideal as I don’t really know the exact criterior Joel Greenblatt uses to get his selection .

Stockopedia is really expensive , they do have the preset screener I’m after but I ain’t paying that price so I can use just 1 screener .

If you want to take the same approach as Joel G recreating it with the information you can get is your best and closest option (zero cost other than time.)

If you don’t know the finer details you might find that tougher to achieve, it’s still a great exercise to do.

Bottom line should always be not to trust in one person’s strategy, but to use it as a reference point for your own decision making.

All of the three companies I’ve mentioned I’ve used them as reference points. To give me either, a short list of companies (first screening pass,) or to validate my own research (e.g. company A seems interest to me, let me double check how 3rd parties are viewing it.)

There is a Fundamental Investing meetup in London that I went to a few times, the screening issue is a big problem for everyone. So many stocks and to screen them all with your view can be expensive (time or money wise!)

My final word of caution would be to watch out for small-cap/mid-cap stocks. These can have amazing fundamentals and score very highly on any screener, however with low liquidity and high risk of volatility it can be a trap. I’ve made that mistake in the past where a company has looked amazing on paper, buying in I’ve increased the price by 8% (low liquidity) and to sell I would lose another 5% (plus dealing charges.) I did plan to hold the stock for a long period but I was new to investing and it really spooked me (killed all the fundamentals.)

Sadly I haven’t answered you directly on how to create the perfect Joel G screener but I hope I was a little helpful!


Genuine impact looks great on first viewing, and although the team is small it looks like they have a fair bit of experience! How did you hear about them out of interest? Also, I’m slightly sceptical they’re offering this wealth of information for free with no user sign-up… Where’s the catch? :thinking:

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Saw an article on CityWire a while ago about some ex-blackrock guys setting up a research company and looked into it.

I agree with you, it’s strange it’s all free, thankfully they made some noise about the fact they will be crowdfunding soon so I signed up as a potential investor to get some extra info.

It looks like they are planning on introducing premium features as well as fund manager advertising.

Not sure what will be premium and what will be free yet but hopefully that’ll be clearer once they start the crowdfunding (that’ll be my question anyway!)

I’m keeping an eye on them and using the app as I need to for now. I’m hopeful it could be something awesome, if not I can always go back to SWS or SP.

Interesting, thanks! Will be great to see where they go with it. Promising service so far!

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