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This investment company is focused on early stage technology companies.

Fastforward is at a pivotal stage with several liquidity events on the cusp to propel the share price my target price is 50p plus ao it’s a bargain right now


So excited for the multiple upcoming IPO’s for the portfolio.


The second investment listed in their portfolio is Factom.

Factom has been a dead project for ages, which would worry me!

What am I missing?

Ignore factom as already written down as zero against audited nav, but it could still be value to add still! The focus is Leap gaming, yooma, Emmac life sciences, Portage biotech and juvenescence and these are all engaged in liquidity/ floatations! Expect yooma this month and others to follow very swiftly! My target price is 50p + in the coming months but that could all of a sudden be dwarfed in a flash

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Thanks :+1:

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I guess the best way to look at it. Standard listed companies can say what they want, we see this every day with lots of non news presented as ‘land mark’ or ‘game changing’, the reality is most of these untrue statements would be rejected by a Nomad. AIM cos are far more regulated and this means whenever we put out these statements they expect us to justify all statements. In our case it’s therefore better to be very conservative and it’s better for the shareholders to see Factom as a total loss.
There is a chance we will see progress from them and get some kind of return.

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Yep makes sense to assign 0 value to it, Ive been tracking Factom since 2017 and it’s dead in the water unfortunately.

That’s why I was surprised to see it as the second company that comes up when you view their portfolio.

Anyways good to the above, I’ll look into them further!

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The company’s listed on the website are in no particular order!

The main companies in the portfolio to pay attention to are…

*EMMAC Life Sciences
*Leap Gaming
*Portage Biotech

All are in the process of either being IPO’d or sold …THIS YEAR!


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FFWD it’s a hidden gem. Investing at seed level in unlisted start ups. The market has ignored it for years.

Now it’s time for FFWD. These unlisted companies are now all listing this year beginning with Yooma at the end of the month. This alone will multiply the mcap significantly. Another investment portage is going to uplist to Nasdaq at any moment. The jewel in the crown is Leap gaming. Look on leap gaming website incredible list of partners. They hold over 40% of this company. They are currently looking to do a London IPO in the coming weeks.
At 8p they offer new buyers ground level investment that will be nearer a £ over the course of this year.

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@DDS_DocHoliday podcast for your Sunday relax time…

33mins in

What has been happening with FFWD lately?

Did Leap Gaming do an IPO?

What is the ticker for leap gaming please ??