Sending shares to other users

Is it possible to send shares to other people?
Ie Sending a share that keeps its average etc to another freetrade user?
I know its not possible on freetrade but its it something that people can do through a broker?
Sorry if it’s a stupid question, just something that i was wondering about.

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Is it possible, yes. Can you do it with freetrade, no.


By send I presume you mean transfer ownership. What we need to remember is that shares are a property covered by strict financial regulations. Brokers including Freetrade would be wary of doing anything that has any sniff of money laundering. Additionally, HMRC would be interested in transfer of wealth.

So, the upshot is that brokers will transfer ownership and require appropriate official transfer forms etc to be signed. Alternatively, they will transfer ownership through linked accounts (typically owned by people at the same physical address). The exact details depend on the broker concerned but all will be designed in such a way as to ensure that money laundering prevention regulations are adhered to.

In the case of Freetrade it is a belts and braces approach. The upshot is shares in someone else’s name need to be financed from an account in that person’s name. So you will have to sell your shares and transfer money to their bank account. That would finance the purchase of shares in their name. It is best to confirm this via Freetrade’s ‘in app’ or email help.

It is in your interests to ensure everything is above board.


Thanks for the thorough explanation. I was just intrigued at how it would work as my friend opened an FT account using my referral and as he wasn’t sure about it (he thought it was a scam as the internet is so full of them) so i gave him the money (10£) to open his account mainly so i could get a free share and also because it was during the time when the FT competition where you could win 5k of shares was live.
Long story short, the shares he got with the 10£ i gave him, is up by 50£ and he wanted to give me the shares as my birthday present as he doesn’t really use FT (he isn’t really interested in learning the ins and outs)
Anyway, i thought I’d ask if “gifting” was possible instead of him just cashing it and giving me the cash.
I forget that most people have accounts worth enough to need the tax man to know, so wasn’t thinking about the side of things that would warrant a possibility of money laundering lol (not sure the tax man would worry about my pittance of an account​:sleepy::joy:)

Thanks again