Share information Idea

Would be great if we could control the information on the stock world as an Wikipedia sort of approach, just have a few trusted moderators to authorise user requests for updating the information, IE videos of what the companies do, cash and books info, quarterly stats , feeds to news about the companies one has invested, would take pressure of staff and give the passionate community more input, Google do it and it works.

Could be a good idea.

Another forum I’m on (non-investing related) gives you points for updating the wiki. At first you have to have your submissions moderated to make sure you are doing it properly and not just messing around. But then once you’ve had enough wiki posts moderated and have the required number of points you can make active changes. Could be a good idea for FT to incentivise users to fill in the details in the stock universe by giving points for updating info on stocks. These points could then be used to get a random free share when you have earned enough points.


This sounds brilliant ! Let’s see if we can get 100 votes :ok_hand: haha

This could be integrated with a how to value a company for newbies training program with an hands-on approach, but likely with limitations: Freetrade doesn’t offer investment advice, it’s an execution only broker. Therefore both the presentation of the data and the language register would probably have to be neutral, rather than:
a) indicating buy, sell or hold for a particular company or,
b) offering a price point or range for value, and/or price to buy or sell.

Those limitations would make it less useful in a way. However it could play an important role in giving people the opportunity to practice the art of valuing a company, as well as the importance of sharing useful information.

It involves a lot of work to set in place in the short term

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