Sharing your portfolio allocation with other users

Go for it!

I’ve public-traded investments on four platforms now so keeping track of it isn’t always straightforward - have been using Yahoo finance’s portfolio which is ok, though @finki’s excellent work with their api means I may switch back using to a big old google sheet.


Great, thanks, just uploaded it :slight_smile:

Exactly! In my case, FT doesn’t (yet) offer a lifetime ISA and the contribution-to-one-ISA-per-year rule means I’m sticking with Vanguard for my main stocks and shares ISA. But there’s other investments i’d like to monitor too if it were possible, like my P2P lending portfolio.

Thanks @rod If there’s anything I can do to help the build of your big Google sheet please let me know. Any data points you need adding to the api?

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A feature I would love to see in the road map is the ability to share my portfolio with friends or even publicly.

I think opening up investing to everyone is a brilliant mission, and what would help this is allowing individuals to collaborate and share ideas.

I for one would like to share my portfolio quickly with a friend who is new to investing and ideally, in app, chat with him about why I have invested in these stocks. It could appear alongside Watchlists - “See your friends’ portfolios”.

There could be a feature to hide the number of stocks, so he can’t see the value of my portfolio, but could share my portfolio weighting.

Not only would this feature drive increased engagement (and retention), but I also think a feature such as “Andy has just bought Fever Tree”, could help to promote Instant trades, which is a revenue stream for FT. Obviously this feature and its notifications should be optional, but it’s something I would love to see in the next 6 months.

I think this would be a nice feature. To do an overall export. I suppose this is kind of possible by sharing your statements with people. But a quick infograph or something of your portfolio would be awesome.

If this is ever implemented, this should be an option. I know people (myself included) who wouldn’t want to broadcast trade activity/portfolio contents.

I think this would be great - and a unique point of difference.

Brings a more social tone to the app which is great! +1

Agree on the optional bit for those who are not happy sharing!

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Could also go as far as having leaderboards, so you could end up tracking successful “freetrade fund managers”. Could be quite fun and engaging as well as helpful.

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Also quite a fun idea yeah. It would help get more people involved I think, with friend groups etc joining in. However this would be a very late stage product.

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In principal I agree but we don’t want this to be e-toro with copycat trading cause that ends in tears.


I mentioned this already


Yeah I would only like an infographic type export that I could share to social media, friends and family etc. Nothing like that

Agreed - I’m against this idea completely.

I quite clearly stated this should be optional. For obvious reasons. Curious as to why you would be against it if it’s optional?

Personally it feels like gamification and anything like this kind of information influences others trading and investment choices. That doesn’t sit right with me.

I think that’s a valid concern. But the messaging of the feature would be key. It’s not to be sold as a “copycat” trading feature. It’s a collaborative feature where you can easily share your positions with friends.

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Hence the reason OP said “have the ability to”. This is something that I assume would be great to share with friends and family etc. Also for personal use. I think sharing portfolio and getting snapshot infographics would be great to keep track off and see how your portfolio has evolved over time.

Maybe an interactice infographic feature when you click that sums up your portfolio in a clean clear way.
I guess this would be ideal when desktop will launch. But would be super fun to sum-up feature.

I think it would be good to be able to share limited information. I have got most of the people I work with signed up and we would like to share at least P/L percentages to make it slightly competitive. We could do this with the API when it comes out but would be good if it was built in. I guess similar to the friend groups in fitbit which show your rolling 7day total but not anything else.

I don’t think it should show the value of your holding and possibly not even what shares you hold.

Will FT consider the development of features to copy portfolios/ earn management fees?
The poor quality of eToro creates a good opportunity for FT.
Also the ability for users to earn money/create a business will increase app usage, so win-win. (Same concept as instragram)