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Anyone paid yet?

No x

waiting on dividends from both Shell and BP

Will probably arrive on Monday. Normally that’s been the case for me. :oil_drum:

Always been a huge advocate for Freetrade but these delays are now costing me in opportunity cost.

Waiting on dividends from: Shell, Rio, BHP, Triton, and BP…

Service is not good enough anymore and for the first time I am thinking about closing down my stocks and shares ISA (~£25,000) and transferring elsewhere.

Apparently it’s caused primarily due to the layoffs. It’s a real shame, it’s a significant delay to what used to be quite a reliable service (dividend payment processing).

I feel a bit stuck at the moment ok what the best thing to do is. For now though I’ll probably leave it for a while at least until the new tax year and reevaluate then.

Received my super-huge Shell dividend this morning (just before noon), so hopefully you’ll receive yours soon, if you haven’t already.

It’s not an ideal situation with dividends, but at least they are aware and are addressing the issue.

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Yes you should receive Them today by the looks of it. So processing seems to have taken about 5 working days, at least this time around

Shell announces commencement of a share buyback programme.

Shell plc Third Quarter 2022 Interim Dividend.

Shell Plc 3rd Quarter 2022 Unaudited Results.

Shell Plc 2023 Interim Dividend Timetable.

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Anyone else waiting on the dividend?

Has anyone received the 27th March 2023 dividend yet?

Not yet.

Me either, will be throwing the dividends straight into Legal and General (LGEN)

I’ve not had them yet from any of the brokers I have with shell so I think it’s just a little delayed

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Not receive mine either?

The delay is costing me here, LGEN is creeping up! :frowning:

Ive not been with freetrade very long, my previous dividends have arrived spot on the date. I take it this is not always the case? :thinking:

Mine isn’t here still either