Short Selling & Disclosed Positions

The FCA and European Securities and Markets Authority have pretty comprehensive resources dedicated to the regulation around short selling, links below. Of particular use, are the disclosed short positions, which are updated daily.

FCA Short Selling

ESMA Short Selling

FCA’s short positions list:
FCA Disclosed Short Positions Daily Update (xls)

ESMA have a list of lists:
ESMA Net Short Disclosure Lists (pdf)

The links are prone to breaking, so feel free to update them as they change. I will do my best to keep on top of it. Also, make sure any links point to legitimate market and/or regulatory authority websites.


Nice one Chris, hopefully Freetrade can facilitate short positions at some point.

Is there a similar list for US? Wanted to see if Bill Ackman is still holding onto his Herbalife short :stuck_out_tongue:


@tommy yes! Nasdaq and NYSE but not as user friendly as the FCA daily…

I’m on mobile at the moment but once I’m in front of my machine I’ll add it - unless anyone else beats me to it!

It can be quite useful to gauge sentiment towards particular companies as well, rather than following the big boys in shorting a particular stock. Provides potential early warning for deeper issues down the line, Carillion being a nice example.


This is useful! Worth checking here before buying a company on the dip. A friend was going to take a punt on Carillion until I shared a city AM article stating hedge funds still hadn’t sold their short position even after massive drops in the share price. They felt it would go much lower!