Show share allocation % in portfolio

I’m not sure if this idea has been suggested before, but just something I realised would be really handy.

It would be great to see what proportion of my total portfolio each share in it equates to - this would allow me to easily assess whether I’m overweight in certain stocks, and to rebalance accordingly (without having to leave the app and use excel to determine what my split currently is)

For example:

Excuse the shoddy image, apparently PowerPoint is not the best place for photo editing.

great idea, I love that.

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Good idea. I think a pie chart format would be more useful though. I’m sure something like this is in the works for the autopilot feature.


Useful if you have a few shares, terrible if you have 50+ shares as some people do (imagine the tiny slices). Can’t go wrong with the % allocation as a number I don’t think.

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Bumping this up as it got lost in the 1,000 share discussions that got uploaded

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Great idea :bulb: this should be up there with the ability to sort shares in your portfolio by different metrics


This is a great idea. I currently keep my own data for this. It would a great addition to the app!

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This could be a switch feature on the insights page where it gives us our sector allocations, another pie chart could show the breakdown of % for each stock

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