Breakdown of Holdings

Hi, I’m trying to determine my percentage allocation of stocks inside a portfolio.
The ‘Insights’ area doesn’t look like it goes into that level of detail yet.
Does anyone know if there is a way to see this through the app or a report, or if it is a planned feature for the future?

The app only let’s you see your % allocation towards sector’s not individual stocks.

Seeing % breakdown towards your portfolio weightings for each stock would be a good feature though hopefully it comes this year.


Thanks for the reply. Hopefully this is on the app roadmap for the near future. I imagine it’d be a ‘quick win’ feature that lots of users raises hand would really appreciate.

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Yea for sure, wouldn’t be hard to add they have all the data for it.

I had to calculate this manually myself as it doesn’t exist. Not difficult to do but annoying. Obviously easier to wait when markets are closed if you want exact figures :wink: