SIG plc (SHI)

I can’t find a thread for this so I thought I’d start one.

I bought into this last Friday, actually quite randomly insane for me as I usually do loads of research on anything I buy, but this time I didn’t have the time as I only saw something on the news about 30 minutes before the markets opened. So, I bought this as a recovery play within the construction industry (which is not my normal investment strategy and far from it) and today it’s up 21.80% :smile:. With all that’s happening currently, this may or may not be a long term hold, I’ll assess it accordingly. Has anyone else done the same?

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Yep holding still from 18p as a punt - my only regret I didn’t buy more!!!

JP Morgan had been selling now seem to be buying again.

The kingspan sale was rejected by the CMA - will probably still go ahead in some form but great to know there was a buyer at £37.5m.

As above. Bought some on the dip and have achieved a 100% gain. Wish I’d bought more… oh well

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