Significant difference in stated sell price

I think you need you add something to app to stop, or get a second approval, when the stated sell price is significantly lower than what is stated. Maybe just update the prices on a more regular basis.

I recently sold some shares for a stated £6 each, but actually got 15% less. Luckily this didn’t wipe out all my profit.

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Hi @LBK110

This link explains more about the order execution. Order Execution policy

Due to the inherent nature of a moving market and any delays in displaying information through our mobile application, it is likely that the actual execution price will differ from that shown on screen before the order is made.

You should be conscious to accept the risk associated with this type of instruction. Freetrade will not be liable for losses incurred due to the selection of the Instant Order type, save any assessment made by us that we have fallen short of our best execution obligations.

You should also familiarise yourself with bid/ask if you aren’t already. If not here is a good link Bid-Ask Spread Definition

I hope this helps and happy investing


I used to find this but have starting using for getting price as the prices on there are very accurate.

The other thing I did was sign up to plus and I can now use limit sells so I can put the price I want and assuming it reaches that target will sell. while I was critical of the extra cost I have found it to be quite useful.