Slow customer service response times

I have recently funded two ISA’s with Freetrade and found the app easy to use.

I have since requested transfer into Freetrade, ISA’s help with HL and was advised that it could take up to 10 working days. I have done ISA transfers to HL before it was it completed in 3 working days.

On Thursday I transferred a large sum to my GIA from my linked account (it was a manual transfer). The money is still not in my GIA. And I am told this could take 4 days.

Is this slow and sloppy service what Freetrade is about? It chatting with a gormless chatbot what service should be about? Is customer service about three members of staff coming to your messages in a 2-3 day window?

Is my experience normal? If so, I am happy to take my business elsewhere without any hesitation.

So far it’s been a very disappointing experience.

Hi Amol,

While I’m not sure about the specifics of the delay you’ve encountered, this is certainly not something that’s considered a normal experience. I can send you a direct message here to get a few more details and share them with out customer service team so that they can provide a better explanation as to what went wrong in the case of the cash transfer.

When it comes to ISA transfers, there’s a number of factors that can impact the time it takes (whether it’s securities or just cash, the broker transferring your ISA to us).

As I said, I’ll send you a message to see if I can help you out further.


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Hi Alex

This has been resolved today and I am satisfied with the response.

I am comparing your service to the provider I am coming from. I don’t want to name them but they are a large well known company with fees on the higher end of the scale but top rated service.

As a matter of feedback, I think better response times will go a long way to reinforcing customer confidence in Freetrade
Thanks for your reply.

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Thanks @Amolkarnik we always value the feedback. While we might not be as speedy (though we do try to be) we hope that overall there are a lot of reasons why you’ll value Freetrade going forward.

As ever, if you have any questions feel free to message me directly.

You’ll be lucky to get yours done in 10 days. I’m over 8 weeks through and my ISA has only partially transferred!! It’s an absolute joke.

My US stocks are still stuck in my Freetrade account, settle was supposed to happen today. No one ever responds, I have raised a complaint, god knows where that is. Just absolutely fed up.

All the while I still keep getting charged for my monthly ISA subscription… nice way of making money from an exiting customer who doesn’t want to be here…

Sorry to hear and and it’s definitely worrying.

Sometimes the lower costs are just not worth it. I will update when I have been transferred over.

For the record, transfers into HL took precisely 3 working days and they included a mix of funds, ETF’s and UK/ US stocks.

Just ask for a refund for those months in the transfer window

Speak to customer service because you will be refunded any monthly fees that have been charged since you started your transfer.

As I said elsewhere, I’m really sorry for this experience. I’ve sent you a DM to get a few more details so I can speak with transfers to try to get things resolved.


Hello Alex

I though Freetrade had responded appropriately when I last posted here. Unfortunately two weeks on, the pain continues.

What do I need to do to escalate this. This level of customer service is not acceptable, irrespective of how low your charges are and I am seriously regretting moving to Freetrade.