Social Capital $IPOD, $IPOE & $IPOF

As we know the target it becomes much much much easier to make a judgement rather than holding on to Chamath’s tail hoping he knows best :wink:

Oh for sure. I just think it’s a little unfair to look at the performance of $CLOV and let that cloud judgement of anything else he’s doing (not you personally).

For me, his beliefs and goals are very similar to mine - targeting social and economic inequality and the environment I which is why I’m happy to essentially blindly follow his lead. If financially successful, it’s a win win, if not then it’s still a win in one aspect in my eyes.


Once you’ve got into a SPAC you have to make a decision whether to hold based on the target. I bailed out of Clover for a profit and managed to miss the drop. I also bailed out of Luminar which hasn’t dropped as bad but hasn’t really gone anywhere.

However I probably won’t bail out of SoFi

I am a bit concerned that there seems to be more Spacs than good targets at the moment




I also feel the way you do about Chamath’s investment ideas.

It’s just when you sit down and think about it I am not too sure it holds up.

Virgin galactic - rich people’s new holiday
Opendoor - low ball offers on people’s houses who can’t sell
Facebook - sell people’s info to the man

The list goes on.

Just a thought.

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He started advicating against FB’s practices after he left them, I did my DD and listened to too manyyyy interviews with papa Chamath

  • Opendoor is for everyone
  • SoFi is open finance

He’s backing climate and renewable tech, rare earth sht, EVs, some of which have gone SPAC-publicc

Select a few SPACs you like as businesses like a late stage VC investor. Most SPACs like most private stonks will fail… Luminar are great Lidars are on the latest ipadsand iphone pros, they got a solid custoemr bases

That is a fair point and not really looked at spac investmenting as late stage vc deals. Kinda makes me feel more comfortable with the risk for some reason.

It’s more dragons den than , pension trustee if you follow me.

Nice jump today… Anyone know why?

Honestly funk knows, long-term time will tell, my portfolio is flashing green and red, the 100% bull mkt is over, do your DD and in the short-term it’s like a dog on a leash

Chamath is a billionaire capitalist but he;s not Wall street , optimize for integrity as he says

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If you can get into IPOx before there’s a big premium it is generally risk free, the premium builds based on previous results and Chamath’s reputation, plus always has rumours attached to his SPACs. Buying in at $15 seems a lot riskier (I did buy some today though…) as you could end up with another CLOV. Even then, downside isn’t massive I guess.

You can theoretically buy at $15 but believe in the underlying company that’s goin publicc… Ride that wave with Chamath! unless you’re just day tradin

We don’t know the company when IPOx launches though, so it’s an assessment about current price vs possible price on whatever Chamath gets a deal for. I think only Clover has been a disappointment, but even that is still $12? So if the price at a premium is $15 you may lose 20%, or you could gain a lot more depending on the target.

Monitor the news and reddit/r/SPACs - when they list the SPACs you’ll know

Chamath :gem: "Leading two PIPEs in deals being announced tomorrow. "

new SPACs on the way

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The key word in Chamath’s tweet is “leading”. He led the PIPE for $IPOE, so there’s a glimmer of hope that he’ll announce $IPOD and $IPOF later and not just two other SPAC deals he’s involved in.

One of them is likely to be $RMGB which is merging with ReNew Power in India.

Both jumped 4% in after hours which is always nice.

So they are $RAAC and $RMGB SPACs where Chamath is leading the PIPE, and not his SPACs yet

Where did you find this info?

Both have issued press releases this morning. That said, both also stated that Chamath was “involved” in the PIPE and not used “leading”. So, here I am hoping he’s led some other deals to be announced later, i.e. his own SPACs.