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Exciting portfolio for projects to develop in Ecuador.

On the Money week today

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Quite keen to see this one.

I remember owning a bit of solgold about 5 years ago. It never happened for them back then and the interest for me tapered off. Be interesting to hear others views if you’ve been following them lately.

They had a late placing last night. I’m glad I hadn’t invested before. I think Greatland Gold gives the idea anyone Joe with a spade can find which just isnt reality.

I would just like to invest a small % in a few explorers. Price of gold is good and I dont really see it recoiling much any time soon. So this means that with new technology finding it and digging it up gets cheaper and deposits with lower grades are more valuable.

Solgold has promise, but high risk.

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In case anyone is interested, this is the latest investors presentation from this month - July 2020:

Still a buy - price target 79.2p :grinning::+1:t3:

Wonder what caused this to collapse