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This company is a developer of all-solid-state rechargeable battery cells for electric vehicles and mobile power markets. It combined with Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation III in December 2021.

A little more info from an old article I came across about Solid Power’s technology and position.

And a newer article…

You wanted square batteries to invest in recently @AchillesFirstStand - and here they are!

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What the link in the second article about the infinity train to Solid Power? I can’t see any mention of them in that one.

I found the square solid state batteries from the link at the top of the train article. It’s not mentioned elsewhere in the article though.

I’ve gotta go all in now!

Does anyone have the lowdown on when these will be ready, is it 5 years from market and what is the reality Vs the hype?

Haha, be careful! Ive just got a small position. They appear to be really ramping up their R&D and investing heavily before inflation makes it a lot harder. They had a 28.9% increase in revenue in 2021 but are still an R&D stage company.

That said, Ford and BMW have made big investments in the company, expecting it do do great things. Their new factory should be ready this year.

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