Spend your crypto instantly with Coinbase Card


I tried registering but it looks like everyone else had the same idea:

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Pretty weird that you can’t register for the card in the standard Coinbase app, that threw me for a couple of minutes.

I guess they want to make sure you have access to the dedicated app before you get the card though.

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(Danny Jeremiah) #3

I got one of the first 1000, but not all that excited :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Mostly just did it for the novelty and also quite fancy having a vertical card in my wallet.

My bitcoin lives on my hardware wallet - not your keys not your coins :wink:


I found this strange as well.

The other strange thing is the redirection to get permission, so they are using their own oAuth API for this. The URL on that looks funky, it’s just a bunch of numbers.

I only tried registering to give it a go, also the first thousand signups don’t have to pay for the card, guess if not now, then I might not ever signup :man_shrugging:

You won’t be able to spend anything :eyes:

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(Danny Jeremiah) #5

No I guess I’ll move a small amount back over to Coinbase to try it out or buy some more.


Also made it but agree it’s novelty value mostly, particularly due what I’m assuming is the high transaction conversion fee at the point of sale:

Would be so much better if it was fee-free or less that 0.5% as they definitely have the capability with Coinbase Pro.


I applied for a card and it says I’m on the waiting list. I suppose I’ll need to pay for mine but it doesn’t say how much it will cost.

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It is £4.99 for the card, first 1,000 were free which is probably why there was such a rush.

(Giridhar Tammana) #9

So how much would they take for crypto to fiat conversion when paid with card?


I think it’s 2.49% to convert crypto to fit which makes it a novelty right now :see_no_evil:


I did try to get one yesterday as soon as it appeared in my twitter feed but the app was playing up. £5 isn’t that bad all things considered.

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Incoming :incoming_envelope:

(Big Boss) #13

I swear this Coinbase Card is no different to the Revolut Card if you own crypto and spend on fiat. Both with absolute shocking conversion rates. A product to reinvigorate metrics during the crypto winter. :snowman_with_snow:


I think over time these fees will reduce or stop as cryptos become more mainstream. I was hoping to be one of the 1000 who got their card free but i guess i wasnt quick enough and they took £4.96 in Litecoin from me!!!


Anyone else received their coinbase card today? Ive not used it yet but just checking if anyone else has yet???

(Kevyn) #16

I got it yesterday yeah. I’ve loaded £10 onto it and plan to test it at the weekend.

(Zahar) #17

Received it also. One small note. The coinbase card app has not been updated and does not seem to know that i have the card. I am still in the waiting list there. Haha


Sounds like you might need to uninstall and reinstall your app. That might solve the problem!

(Zahar) #19

Agree. Yet, poor user experience.


I must say this Coinbase Card is wafer thin, super lightweight, vertical layout and no embossing. Very nice feel to it :rocket:

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