Stock Chart Details

Hi, I find the current stock chart design difficult to read.

I’m on holiday right now and because the 1 day chart has no times against it I can’t work out without leaving the app if it is today’s pricing or yesterday’s close.

I’d like to see more configuration around the charts - other apps such as Charles schwab offer advanced config - at a minimum I’d be hoping for dates/times and basic features such as Moving averages / comparisons (see below)

Edit: I see this has been moved into a portfolio thread, my thinking was that is was specific to stocks and not the portfolio but could be extended I guess…

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I agree with at least having dates on the charts. The “MAX” chart is very difficult to plan investments around at a glance since there is no indication of whether we’re looking at historical data back to 2006 or 1976.


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My current broker has just updated its charts types with quite an elegant ‘switching’ solution:

There is a little button in the top left hand side of the chart, which switches chart types. Currently there is a normal $ chart, same one with vertical dotted lines and a candle chart. Whichever you end up on last will be your default. I prefer the one with dotted lines and once I have set it on the Disney’s page, it was applied throughout.

Assuming that Freetrade will retain the % graph and potentially add the £ one, such a convenient toggle could really work well in my opinion.