Stock market continuing after close?

So like the title says, Why did one of my investments continue after the stock market closed? Not sure what actually happened but this has happened a few times now but I will use today as an example. This investment in particular is with the UK stock market so it closes at 16:30. I’m going along checking the chart and it gets to 16:30 but there is one more after it that says 15:42 which took me down 2% which is now the final result of the day as it was last. All the times this has happened it has always gone down one time it ended the day (16:30) at like 8% and I was like nice quite a good day then a couple hours later I check to see how my US Stocks are doing and there it is again. Another time that is before market close but has been put at the end once again losing me a few percent. Anyone know why this is happening I wouldn’t mind if it was adding a few percent on but its always taking it off😂

Could be off-the-book trades.

Trades aren’t all instantaneous. Some are done directly between individuals/entities rather than through the market. The market is then updated with the details of these trades at a later time. (Probably a very simplistic explanation of the process)

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Ah I see that makes sense. Still very annoying tho these trades that are being done are horrendous this is the 4th day in a row it’s lost me money. Today It ended on 1.4% and then this direct trade came In and took me straight down to 0%:joy: anyway thanks for the info​:+1:

Those trades haven’t lost you any money.

Your graph maybe up or down it doesn’t mean you have gained any money or lost any money.

Sounds like you’re talking about after-hours trading.

Couple of things that could be relevant

  • UK stocks in some cases aren’t live and trail by 15%
  • The price shown at close is the last trade price as opposed to the average of spread, this can sometime be slightly delayed especially if someone reports an OTC trade after close.
  • If your stock moved by 8% with one trade you’re dealing with illiquid stocks and these are more volatile by their nature.