After Hours Trading Prices

Can someone explain to me how this works?

e.g. I can see (according to FT) AMD ended the day at $33.13, but this ended on $33.31 after hours (according to Google).

The buy price on FT is still $33.13, and the market doesn’t open until 2:30pm UK time…

So a semi serious question - Does this mean if I buy a share now it will cost me $33.15, and I’ll make 16p profit by the time 2:30pm comes around? (It quite clearly won’t mean that, but I want to understand why…)


I would love someone to enlighten me more on how exactly this works. I am all ears!
However, in terms of answering your question, the price you get it for will be the market valuation on the time of executing the trade.
Also you will not be able to buy now as the US market is currently closed until 14.30.
So no, unfortunately it is not that easy to make a quick buck.

You can’t buy it now because the market isn’t open, it’ll update when it is.

Prices in the app are indicative only and can vary at the actual time of execution


That makes sense. so if i’d bought it 1 minute before the market closed, I would have been able to buy at 33.13

But… at precisely 2:30pm UK time, is the market going to open with a price of 33.31 for AMD? I understand it will change after that… but initially…

It’ll open at whatever the pre-market price was at 2:29:59 :slight_smile:

I think that clears it up. For some reason I assumed I could buy the stock at any point.

I wonder if it would be worth allowing ‘instant’ buys with the view to it being processed the minute the market opens?


There’s an #ideas for that Queue an instant trade for when the market opens - add your vote :ballot_box:

I should probably use the search function before replying…

No worries, it’s easy to forget that it’s there :smile:

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Can Freetrade consider doing pre market pricing on its app and possibly consider pre market deal striking ?

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