Stop loss confusion (likely user error)

Explanation in the Order Execution Policy:

Where a Triggered Order executes, the actual execution price you receive may be higher or lower than the Trigger price due to market prices moving between an instruction triggering and the order executing, or due to differences between prices published in data feeds and the price at which our market counterparties or other market participants available to us are willing to execute a buy or a sell order.

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Claire, IG offer a ‘quote price’ which is what you may be referring to.

Example of a quote price

Let’s say a buyer is willing to pay £32.00 for a share but a seller wants to sell their shareholding for £34.00. The quote price is determined by the price at which the buyers and sellers agree to exchange the stock for. In this case, they might compromise in the middle and the quote price becomes £33.00.


Are you referring to a triggered order or when you make an immediate buy or sell order? A triggered order is a specific type of order, @Sleepy gives a good explanation of this. Even in this case a triggered order (one that you setup in advance to sell when reaching a target price) is just that, its an order to execute buy or sell when a stock reaches a certain price, not and order to buy or sell at that specific price you set. Neither a triggered not immediate order give you an agreed price before sending the order.

As @thinking_hydrogen points out, a quote price is a specific function that Freetrade don’t currently offer, as i mentioned earlier HL also offer 15 second quotes.

I very much want quotes on Freetrade in the future, but its not a thing right now, and Freetrade have never suggested it was.

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